冬の厳しい雪国でジャガード柄や模様編みでニット製品、ファブリック作品を製作しています。高品質な天然素材とジャガード柄にこだわり、編み物のもつ温かさ、懐かしさを少しでもライフスタイルの一部として、楽しんでいただけますように、丁寧に愛情を込めて製作しております。KAKERA KNIT (カケラニット)は永くご愛用いただけるヴィンテージニットを目指しています。






I am a knitting enthusiast and traveler with a passion for incorporating various materials and crafts from different places into my creations.  

KAKERA KNIT, specializes in making knit products and fabric pieces with jacquard patterns, emphasizing high-quality natural materials. I put love and care into each creation, hoping to bring warmth and nostalgia to people's lifestyles. KAKERA KNIT aims to provide vintage knits that can be cherished for a long time.


KAKERA SERIES project, I focus on creating and trying unique and limited-edition pieces inspired by people, objects, and materials from Japan and around the world. These one-of-a-kind creations, called "KAKERA," result from collaborations and careful selections. I envision that these KAKERA, passed on to users, will continue to inspire new stories and excitement through the craftsmanship involved.

I'm excited to introduce these captivating crafts that spark joy and imagination, creating a connection between the user and the artistry of handwork.